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How LEDOX365 worksYour legal contract repository,
lifecycle management and automation software

Enable both your in-house lawyers and business users to have a centralized
contract lifecycle management and collaboration software built on Microsoft 365
with digital processes for all contract lifecycle steps.

Create Contracts easily

Enable your business to create and process contracts without the involvement of the legal department using self-service automation and templates.

Increase efficiency of your team

LEDOX365 delivers reduced costs and cycle time, increases access and visibility for the whole business and enables fast user adoption within Microsoft 365 and to other tools.

Standardize Legal Contracts

Create templates and self-service clauses with placeholders to increase compliance, quality and efficiency of legal & business processes creating contracts.

Get Insights & Data centrally

Combine insights, risks and information management in a single, centralized repository with due date management, search, reportings, and data retention policies.

Cover Business & Legal Processes

The entire life cycle of contracts is covered in LEDOX365, from the drafting and negotiation of contracts, to automated approval and (e-)signature workflows, right up to archiving and retention.

Combine your investments

LEDOX365 combines the goals of GCs and Legal Ops Manager with contract & document management, eSign, workflows, collaboration, governance, records management and more.

TestimonialsLegal operations experts
are sharing there experience and best-practices

Join helps executives in the Legal Operations overcome the biggest obstacles.

Learn from a pioneer of legal operations

„LEDOX is a key success factor for our legal department and related businesses to increase the efficiency of legal and business processes. With LEDOX365 you can not only improve your contract lifecycle management, but also automate processes, reduce costs and secure compliance.“

Nina Stoeckel
Former Head of Legal & Compliance Operations Merck KgaA

How we drive a CLM implementation to success

The particular strength of LEDOX365 is undoubtedly its complete integration in Microsoft 365 especially Outlook, Teams & Word – even parallel work on Office documents is possible directly from LEDOX365.
“Having been involved in the design of LEDOX365 together with Join GmbH from the very beginning, I am continually impressed with the competence, enthusiasm and commitment of Join GmbH’s product team to make each implementation project a success.“

Klaus Gresbrand

Learn why Microsoft 365 is our IT Strategy

LEDOX365 is completely integrated in your Microsoft 365 tenant and therefore not only a perfect fit with your global Microsoft 365 IT strategy but also enables seamless integration in other Microsoft 365 services and tools. LEDOX365 enables fast and easy end user adoption for legal and the business.”

Thomas Sachsendahl
IT Business Partner Legal & Compliance


Most common integrations to other systems:

Join GmbHThe pioneers in the legal operations scene

Join contributed its technical competence, a deep understanding of business processes and many years of experience in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and document management to build LEDOX365.
The result is an easy-to-use, flexible yet highly secure environment for contracting and other legal matters that we will continue to improve and grow over time.

Join not only carries out the technical implementation, but also supports the customer project team with advice on changes in business processes together with our partners.

Join has over 20 years of IT project experience with wide-ranging competencies and our solutions are used by over 700+ customers in over 3000+ projects around the world with many years of experience in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and document management.

We use our experience and competencies to optimize work, communication and business processes in companies and to make cooperation user-friendly, transparent, productive, and value-adding.

Our Solution (or Products)

Digital Transformation with Microsoft 365
SharePoint Security Solution
IT Infrastructure and Operations
Prozess- & Organisationsmanagement
Intelligente Enterprise Search
Open Data Platforms

FAQGet all relevant information at a glance

In this section we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What can I achieve with LEDOX365 for my organization? 

Simplify the creation, automation, and management of contracts for the whole business by consolidating them in a single, centralized repository built and fully integrated in Microsoft 365, the most used IT platform in the world.

Which of my business areas benefit from using LEDOX365?

LEDOX365 enables both in-house lawyers and business users with end-to-end digital processes for the contract lifecycle.
In-house lawyers are evolving into enabling business efficiently, focusing on managing complex legal issues and driving and building standardization of templates to enable business users to create contracts without legal involvement.
Business users are enabled by fully automated contract drafting capabilities for standard agreements while more complex drafting requests are managed by a built-in workflows supporting in-house lawyers involvement.

Why is LEDOX365 different to other Contract Lifecycle Management Tools?

LEDOX365 is based on and built in the worldwide established Microsoft 365 platform which is part of the global IT strategy of many enterprises in the world today. LEDOX365 is fully embedded into your existing platform, so there is no need to add new IT-Skills within IT-department. LEDOX365 is following your security and compliance standards, extending your existing Microsoft licences and working seamlessly and globally with all Microsoft services and IT service teams.

What is the key value of LEDOX365 for your business?

LEDOX365 delivers reduced user adoption, costs and cycle time, increases access and visibility for the whole business, minimizes risks, and greatly improves compliance. LEDOX365 covers the entire contract lifecycle from contract initiation and drafting, to negotiation and handling with externals, approval and signing workflows for electronic and paper-based signature, due date management, reporting and data retention.

How would LEDOX365 be implemented in my organization?

LEDOX365 will be fully embedded into your existing Microsoft 365 tenant, e.g. SharePoint and Azure subscription following your security and compliance standards and will extend your existing platform. Your LEDOX365 Implementation Specialist Team will work closely with your IT and legal team to streamline implementation as well as configuration.
LEDOX365 has a flexible configurations because we understand that organizations often have uniquely different requirements.

How does Join support me in the whole implementation process?

Your LEDOX365 implementation specialist team will work closely with you to not only drive the implementation project to success, but also enables fast configuration for admins as well as adoption for users and offers training for your (key) users, IT team as well as delivering application support from the very first moment. Most importantly we will be by your side helping you adopt the tool with templates for legal, migrate existing contracts and setting up your organization in the tool.

To bring out the best in your organization, we have partnerships with the largest law firms in the world to support you in the design of your underlying business processes, user training, change management and communications.

How long will it take before I can use LEDOX365?

With our specifically designed ‘Jump on Phase’, you will be able to use LEDOX365 from the second it is implemented in your tenant. Even while configuring the tool together with our implementation team, you can already start using LEDOX365 with your users and focus on user adoption and training as well as driving standardization with contract templates.

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